Ponchos Ahoy!


Photo courtesy of Bo-M at blogspot.com

A while ago, I happened upon a photo on one of my frequent adventures through the wilds of Pinterest. This poncho was something I absolutely had to make, because whose life is complete without a poncho? No one’s. Right? Right. *nods head*

Anyway, I scoured the internet in search of the pattern and found, to my horror, that the designer just doesn’t sell them. Dejected, but not beaten, I decided any poncho was better than no poncho. So I took to looking for another design that I liked and, to my amazement, I found a pattern for sale that looked almost identical to the one I had seen! You can bet I spent my lunch money on that bad boy.

Here’s what it looked like when I eventually finished it (and yes, I am wearing it as we speak):


Yes, gaze upon my masterpiece!!!

If you’re making your own poncho, leave a comment and let me know how it’s going!


The Magical Knits of Stephanie Dosen


I recently purchased a copy of Stephanie Dosen’s “Woodland Knits“. It’s a compilation of 21 patterns, all of them adorable and completely whimsical. I first stumbled on Stephanie’s work as I was casually browsing Ravelry and found “Woodland Hoodlet”. I know I’ve told people that I don’t believe in love at first sight, but this was love at first sight.

I was a bit intimidated at first, since I was a dedicated crocheter and didn’t think I had it in me to knit. But eventually, over time, I picked up the dreaded needles and… It wasn’t so bad? The first thing I ever knit, all by my bad self, was “Twig”. It’s a cozy little cowl, super warm, and also super cute. You can see my rendition in the pictures I’ve provided above. If you want to see what it’s supposed to look like or if you want to try it out yourself, here’s a link.

If, like me, you’ve also fallen madly in love with her stuff, here’s a list of the patterns you’ll find in “Woodland Knits” so you don’t accidentally buy two of the same pattern:

If you’re interested in the rest of her patterns, check out her Ravelry page, tiny owl knits, and her blog.