Ponchos Ahoy!


Photo courtesy of Bo-M at blogspot.com

A while ago, I happened upon a photo on one of my frequent adventures through the wilds of Pinterest. This poncho was something I absolutely had to make, because whose life is complete without a poncho? No one’s. Right? Right. *nods head*

Anyway, I scoured the internet in search of the pattern and found, to my horror, that the designer just doesn’t sell them. Dejected, but not beaten, I decided any poncho was better than no poncho. So I took to looking for another design that I liked and, to my amazement, I found a pattern for sale that looked almost identical to the one I had seen! You can bet I spent my lunch money on that bad boy.

Here’s what it looked like when I eventually finished it (and yes, I am wearing it as we speak):


Yes, gaze upon my masterpiece!!!

If you’re making your own poncho, leave a comment and let me know how it’s going!